While in person meetings are becoming more and more frequent, Zoom meetings are here to stay. Whether you’re the type of person who listens attentively during them, or the type who’s low-key watching reruns of The Office in a separate window, it’s important to look and sound your best when you’re on screen. Today we’re going over 4 tips that anyone can do to look (and sound) like an audio/video genius during a video chat.

Take the Window Seat

Sit next to a window. Position yourself so the window is either in front of you or to your side. A window at your back is going to cast your entire face in shadow. Light at the front or to the side is the most flattering.

Don’t Mix and Match

Avoid mixing natural light and indoor lights. Natural light has a blue color while indoor lights are often much oranger. Mixing them creates an unflattering discoloration on your face and becomes even more pronounced in the camera. 

Easy on the Eyes

Position your camera at eye level. Avoid positioning it too low to where it’s looking up at you. This distorts your face and makes your chin look larger. Hardly anyone looks in the mirror and thinks, “If only my chin was comically large.” Positioning too high doesn’t look quite as strange, but can cause neck strain.

Test, One Two

The best way to get good, clean audio is to use a microphone. There are several usb microphones that work just fine. If you don’t have access to a microphone, avoid large rooms with echo. You can reduce echo in a room by laying down rugs, hanging curtains, and furnishing it with soft surfaces to break up the echo. 


Virtual meetings are here to stay, so whether you’re tuned in or tuned out, at least make sure you look and sound your best with these four easy tips.

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