Are we still doing flatlays? Stitching videos? What exactly is CapCut? Let’s face it–it can be hard to keep up on social media trends. But today we’ve got 5 types of social media posts that never go out of style.

#1 Behind the Scenes

A good BTS post is always a winner. As humans, we actually enjoy seeing how the sausage is made. (Unless we’re talking about actual sausage. After Upton Sinclair’s novel/expose The Jungle we’re kinda mezza mezza on that one.) 

#2 Talking About What You Do

Your social media should not be entirely “me, me, me” but you’d be surprised how many people probably don’t have a full picture of what you do or what you offer. Make sure you’re taking some time to explain your products or services and how they benefit your customers and clients.

#3 Tips and Tricks

Life is hard. There’s a lot going on. If you have a tip or trick that is going to make someone’s existence easier–they are going to appreciate it. This has the added benefit of showing your expertise–an important element in developing trust.

#4 Testimonials

Of course you do good work. Of course people are out there singing your praises to their friends. But when it comes to “committing to paper,” a lot of people don’t have the time, confidence, or interest. That’s why if you do have a testimonial–it’s extra valuable–and you should post it.

#5 Questions

Because social media is used for marketing, we can often confuse it with a megaphone. But the operative word is actually “social.” Asking your customers/clients opinions about anything gets a dialogue going. And that’s really what it’s all about.

If you can hop on a social trend, that’s great. But consistent, interesting, helpful content is what’s going to keep people coming back to your account. Cycle through these five types of posts for social media success.

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[Cover Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash]