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IFC Collegiate.

A badass internship program. Applications now closed.

An exclusive internship program

from IFC Studios.

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IFC Collegiate is a highly selective, paid internship program for students studying in fields directly related to IFC’s studios. Interns would have the opportunity to gain industry experience, mentorship, and leadership skills in this 12-week program.

Gain industry experience, mentorship, leadership skills and money.

IFC Collegiate details.

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Internship Program Description.

IFC Collegiate begins May 16th, 2022 and is open to students at UNI and Hawkeye. There are four openings per session: one in graphic design (branding), one in messaging, one in media, and one in web. The program lasts for 12 weeks and during that time students would:

  • Assist with internal IFC projects.
  • Assist with client projects.
  • Attend a webinar hosted by each of us (4 in total) based on important industry topics within our studios.
  • Join our IFC Collegiate Basecamp Group where they could bounce ideas off one another, and participate in one Q&A a week hosted by a member of the IFC team. These would focus on broader industry/employment-type questions

In order to join this program.

There will be a rigorous evaluation process. Interested students should be far enough along in their education to complete work at both a high artistic level and a timely manner. Also a contract would need to be signed agreeing to the terms of internship expectations and employment.

What’s in it for you?

  • Mentorship in the industry
  • Letters of recommendation from local industry leaders based on real world experience
  • A central place to communicate with others new to the industry
  • Professional headshot
  • A sweet, sweet collegiate-style IFC shirt
  • $15/week for a 5-hour-a-week program
    • Some weeks may exceed 5 hours and others may run short but students should expect that approximate time commitment and compensation

Types of projects students interested in the web internship can expect to help with:

  • Maintaining and updating WordPress websites and plugins
  • Designing and modifying web pages on the most popular WordPress builders
  • Building out the finer aspects of large-scale projects (products, content, etc…)
  • Auditing and updating websites utilizing SEO best practices

Types of projects students interested in the media internship can expect to help with:

  • Photographing real estate properties
  • Photographing products/food
  • Filming and editing corporate videos and local commercials

Types of projects students interested in the branding internship can expect to help with:

  • Designing IFC Studios collateral (e.g. social media templates, supporting graphics, etc)
  • Assisting with client branding brainstorms
  • Assembling deliverables (e.g. design exports, brand guideline PDFs, etc)
  • Assisting with incoming design requests

Types of projects students interested in the messaging internship can expect to help with:

  • Content creation for IFC social media outlets
  • Writing industry-related blog posts
  • Planning out the content calendar
  • Using Brandscripts and other tools to help develop client messaging

Is IFC Collegiate for you?

Work with a fun team, gain industry experience, and pad that resume!

IFC Collegiate Application.

Applications now closed.

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