When starting your company or budget planning for your business, the idea of professional photography is often not considered or seen as expendable. The cost can make you wonder if you can get by without it.

When you get down to it, there are a lot of options today. Everyone has a phone for taking pictures, stock photos are all over the place, and you can find plenty of other ways to spend your money right?

I want to change your mind.

We’ve all heard the age-old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to websites, a well-taken picture can deliver a strong message in a split second, and it is often within that split second that a potential customer will decide whether to stay or leave your website.

Website First Impressions

Did you know that it takes about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for a visitor to decide if they will stay or leave your website? Most often it is an eye-catching image that causes them to stay. Over 10 years in the website space has taught us that an image stands a better chance of catching attention before text will.

With internet speeds increasing every year, business owners now have the ability to showcase strikinghigh-resolution photos of who you are and what you do. Because visitors will create an impression of your business from the first photo they see on your website, it’s time to make photography a high priority when designing your site.

What do your photos say about your business?

Your photos represent your business! How you portray your business online is what your visitors will think of you—so consider what kind of message your current photos are sending. Poor photography, low resolution images, and stock photos create no personal connection and give an underwhelming first impression.

On our website, the “Meet the Team” page is our second-highest visited page behind the home page. Your potential customers are visiting your website to get to know you! Stock photos are a fake representation of your business and poor photography doesn’t tell your story properly. The best way to support your brand and connect with your customers is to show them real photos of you, your team, and your products.

So should I invest in professional photography?

Yes! Don’t spend one more minute losing the opportunity to connect with your website audience in a real, authentic, personal way. Do whatever it takes to find a professional who understands the importance of website photography and put your best foot forward online.

Need some photography assistance? We can help with that. Commercial Photography Services by In Form Creations >>.

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Tony Kraayenbrink is the founder, owner, and website guru of IFC Studios. Outside the office he loves soccer, Sour Patch Kids, and is endlessly inspired by his amazing wife and children.