We know it sounds crazy—how can not working help your work? In this blog series we’ll examine the outside interests of the IFC team and how they actually contribute to—not diminish--what they bring to their work with our clients.

Like many other creatives, I first entered my field of work because it was something I was passionate about. Photography was a hobby I turned into a career, and it’s great that I get to do what I enjoy. However, I realized the more time I spent as a professional, the less time I wanted to spend as a hobbyist. 

Not every project is creatively fulfilling. Time and budget constraints often got in the way of fully realizing my creative vision. This can make it hard to be inspired, but that’s why it’s important for creatives to have other hobbies outside of their work.

There’s no magic formula for generating ideas. You simply have to curate an environment that encourages creative thinking. Surround yourself with the things you like. Things such as watching wacky movies, or playing indie video games. Most recently, enjoying beautifully crafted board games with friends has given me an outlet to just have fun.

My hobbies don’t directly inspire my work, but simply taking a break from photography to enjoy another activity allows me to come back to my work with a fresh mind. Take care of your brain and it will treat you well.