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An IFC Studios Initiative. Applications now closed for 2022.

An exclusive grant program

from IFC Studios.

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Launchpad is a program designed to assist small business owners, individuals, or organizations with their web, branding, media, and messaging needs, while at the same time giving back to our community.

Launchpad allows anyone the opportunity to afford high-end web, branding, media, and messaging services.

Program details.

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An exclusive program designed to assist small business owners, individuals, or organizations with their web, branding, media, and messaging needs, while at the same time giving back to our community.


In order to be eligible for Launchpad, an individual or entity must demonstrate the following:

  1. A desire for good in their respective communities
  2. A goal or vision that reaches beyond themselves
  3. A need that is difficult to obtain or a challenge that is hard to overcome
  4. A clear need for web, branding, media, and/or messaging services

The Program.

If chosen for Launchpad, the individual or entity is eligible for a 90% discount on all services provided by IFC for a predetermined length. The remaining 10% will be donated, in the form of a matching program, to an organization of IFC’s choice. IFC will then match the donation dollar for dollar. At program end, IFC and the recipient will schedule a reevaluation meeting.

Application, Review, and Selection Process.

Launchpad applications will only be open during certain windows throughout the year. Interested parties can view our estimated window openings and fill out an online application below. IFC will review all applications at the end of each window, and if selected as a potential recipient, an initial meeting will be scheduled to discuss the project details, scope of work, and timeline. If chosen as a final recipient, a proposal will be written and delivered covering all services to be provided by IFC and a total project cost.

Donation Process.

For projects with a fixed one-time cost, the donation amount will be required upfront. IFC would match the donation dollar for dollar and submit the donation within 90 business days of receiving payment.

For projects with ongoing or recurring monthly costs, the donation amount will be required both upfront as well as on a monthly basis. IFC would match the donation dollar for dollar, and submit the donation within 90 business days of receiving payment.

Reevaluation and Looking Forward.

At the end of the predetermined program length, IFC and the recipient will meet to reevaluate the recipient’s current business standing, discuss outstanding needs, and develop a sustainable plan moving forward. While some Launchpad projects may be built for short-term success and not require ongoing services, those projects with a long-term vision may require ongoing support and services. Our goal would be to develop a sustainable plan for those projects, and continue to partner together for long-term success in a way that allows both IFC and the recipient to thrive.

Launchpad gives back to the communities in which our recipients have built their businesses. 

Previous recipients.

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Launchpad recipients.

kut kings waterloo iowa


Kut Kings

Kut Kings is a barbershop that was started back in 2017. Its mission was to “serve the underserved” populations like aging veterans, the physically disabled, single parent households, homeless shelters, etc. One commonality these populations often share is poor accessibility to brick and mortar stores. To bridge that gap Kut Kings began a mobile barbershop service only to find out that it wasn’t legal to have a mobile barbershop. Imagine that. You can buy tacos out of a truck, but you can’t get your haircut in one.

The passion for their project was so strong that they didn’t let that stop them. Over the next few years they worked tirelessly and got the law changed. As he waits for the ink to dry on the new legislation, William Sr. has opened a storefront location to keep his business going. Before long though, he expects to be back on the road with his mobile barbershop.

To help them achieve their vision IFC helped them streamline their design, build their messaging, create captivating media, and launch a modern, user-friendly website.

“We appreciate the IFC Studios team for the Launchpad grant. We were newly opening the brick and mortar barbershop, and hoping to create a website that could establish our brand. The biggest challenge was finding a team that fit us and our budget. We were glad to find there was a program that would offer us what we needed without breaking the bank. Thank you, IFC!”


We Arose

We Arose Co-op is a network of local farmers, social enterprises, and consumers dedicated to elevating urban farming cooperation by building community and increasing access to local and affordable, healthy food options through education and outreach.

The current We Arose project is underway. Check back soon for updates!

Launchpad donations.


WE Build Waterloo.

Participants in the WE Build Waterloo Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship program are introduced to thirteen different construction trades, learn introductory skills, have access to employers, and set themselves on a course for family sustaining wages and benefits. WE Build Waterloo has a large number of graduates who have been previously incarcerated. Since William’s story weaves through the Waterloo justice system and back out to the professional world we thought this would be a perfect fit for our Launchpad donation.

In the news.

Monday, April 19, 2021 – …“We chose to donate to WE Build Waterloo because they have a history of supporting reentry into society for those who have been impacted by the justice system,” said Tony Kraayenbrink, founder and owner of IFC Studios. Founded in 2011, IFC Studios specializes in web, branding, media, and messaging services. They created Launchpad to give back to the community…

Is Launchpad for you?

IFC can partner with you to build a brand that connects, inspires, and amazes.

Launchpad Application.

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Fill out our application below to be considered for Launchpad! Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible.

December 15, 2021: Applications close

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  • Supporting Information (Optional)

  • Do you have any existing, relevant documents or links you would like to share with us? If so, feel free to upload below.
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Launchpad Application.

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Applications for Launchpad are currently closed. In the meantime, please fill out the form below to join our waitlist and be notified when applications reopen!

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