Just as brand elements like logo, fonts, and color palettes should be an extension of your message, your media should act as an extension of your brand elements. A “cool” photo or video concept is brilliant, but if it’s not consistent with everything else you’ve built, it’s not right for you. Here are a few ways to add impact through the media you use for your business.

Click, Click, Click, Flash

Photos are not just “good” or “bad.” The same photo taken at a different time of day, displayed in black and white, or adjusted to have more or less color, can look wildly different. Subjects and editing styles should complement the rest of your branding. This will help increase the consistency and impact of your brand on social media and with website visitors. 

Imagine a sports brand that used a lot of exclamation points and short sentences in their messaging. Their branding might include a big, bold header font, and lots of neon colors. When we start talking about website photography, I wouldn’t be suggesting soft focus, cozy shots of people relaxing with a cup of tea. The photography subjects and editing would need to reflect that high energy style as well.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Video is must-have content in this digital age. Much like with photography, your brand’s videos need to match your style as well. High energy brands might require quicker transitions. Brands that have a sense of humor might benefit from a spokesperson and employ a more “smash cut” style. Videography for an interior design firm should reflect the lifestyle of a curated space.. 

Video has other considerations as well. Script, music and voice-over artists can change the tone of a video just as much as content and editing style.


A cool photo or video concept is only the right one if it compliments your messaging and branding. You want your customers and clients thinking, “Yes. I love it here.” Not “What…is happening here?” When every single thing you create harkens back to your message–the right people will stand in line for what you’re offering.
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