According to there are 4 billion daily email users. That’s a lot of emails!

Now: think of how many emails you open in a single day? Now think of how many you dread having to clear out of your inbox only seconds after opening. Quite a lot, right? This is why providing your consumers with effective email copy and messaging is so effective, you want to create something that stands out from an inbox full of dull messages.

In today’s blog, we’re going to focus on the power of high-performing email campaigns and how to create them.

  1. One of the first things your audience member will notice is who the email is coming from. Does your “from” name represent your brand and business well? This portion of your email is generally displayed the largest when sent to your clients. Consumers discern whether or not to open an email based on who it’s from.

  1. Keep your subject line concise, clear, and short! Experts say it’s best to keep your subject line to a minimum of 30 characters. Along with keeping it short, it is best to include keywords to best explain your email. Use powerful, colorful words to intrigue consumers to continue and open your full email.

3. Focus on effective copy. Powerful, cohesive writing has the ability to pull in, or push away, consumers. Instead of going the “business” route, try a more personable approach. Oftentimes, consumers may be more compelled to open a message from someone who sounds more like a friend, and less like a salesman.

4. Have a call to action - and a way they can follow through. Call-to-action is essentially the main reason for sending out an email. What are you trying to get your audience to actually do? Purchase something? Access a discount code? Whatever it may be, have a way that they can actually complete this task, or be linked to where they should proceed to complete this task. You are able to use optimized “buttons” within your email to provide a follow through for consumers.

Overall, emails are a very important aspect of today’s digital marketing. Make sure you’re doing the steps mentioned above to optimize your campaigns!

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