As September comes to a close, we are quickly approaching the holiday season, complete with holiday branding! During the next few months of the year, consumers do most of their shopping in preparation for the Christmas and gift giving season. Therefore, this is now the time where brand’s step up their messaging to entice customers, both new and old.

Here’s a few strategies to amp up your holiday branding efforts:

  1. Although you may create special advertisements for the holiday season, branding efforts should maintain cohesive messaging throughout the entire calendar year. Customers build relationships with brands prior to the holiday season, and are repeat customers during this time. It is important to maintain a good impression all year long, so that when it comes down to crunch time, your brand is top of mind.

  1. As our last blog mentioned, consumers are heavily drawn to brands with higher social responsibility efforts. For example, what is your brand doing to better help society during the holiday season? How will purchases impact the greater good? During the season of giving back, many consumers look for ways to promote positive charities and causes

3. It stands the test of time - heartfelt, personable campaigns go a long way during the holiday season. Some of the most memorable advertisements are those that pull on our heart strings. Adding a personable voice behind your messaging can allow the consumer to see deeper into your brand, and build a life long relationship.

4. Finally, show how thankful you are for your customers. During a time of rushing between stores and houses, do something in favor of your customers! Offer them a free gift with purchase, a hand written thank you card, or a discount code. Consumers love this, and it does go a long way! Especially during a busy season.

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