The terms “branding” and “marketing” are oftentimes wrongly used interchangeably. Although they work in tandem, they differ greatly from field to field. In today’s blog, we will discuss the major differences between branding and marketing, and how branding stands out in today’s market.

  1. Branding is why / Marketing is how - Branding is referred to as the “how.” How can our brand bring benefit to your life? Branding allows the opportunity to tell you audience how you will deliver your promise to them, while marketing explains how to reach them. Communicating your value and mission is a large part of your branding strategy. Focus on story-telling and relaying the benefits of your brand to your audience.

2. Branding builds loyalty / Marketing builds response - Each of us undoubtedly has a favorite brand that we purchase from time and time again. This is called brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is developed through your brand messaging and strategy. Often times, consumers feel a pull and loyalty to brands that they align well with. For example, if your brand donates to climate change efforts, those who value that mission will support your business. Through this shared interest, brands can build lasting relationships with their consumers. On the other hand, marketing helps build a response from your audience and can facilitate a conversation.

3. Branding is long term / Marketing is short-term - Going along with point #2, branding lasts, while marketing is more short-lived. Think of your brand as having an identity and personality. The “soul” of a brand will live on, even as your marketing efforts change from campaign to campaign.

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