In today’s blog we are diving into the topic of yup, you guessed it, Tik Tok! Tik Tok is a short form, video sharing app that allows both professional and nonprofessional users to share videos. Within the last few years, Tik Tok has grown exponentially, and how has now been utilized as a prominent business tool for many brands, both large and small.

Tik Tok has over 1 billion monthly active users - that’s insane! It has become a place for brands and influencers, alike, to grow at an alarming rate, selling products and services out-of-stock around the nation. One consumer can post a positive review about a lipstick and sells out across the nation, as seen recently with Clinique’s famous “black honey” lipstick. It is a powerful marketing tool, as people anywhere and everywhere can post their positive, or not-so-positive, reviews of brands.

While browsing Tik Tok, you may notice many influencers and content creators working alongside brands. A common practice among brands in today’s market is to send products to creators with a large following in hopes that they will bring brand awareness and attention to a targeted audience of their followers - consumers by the masses with many common interests. Brands are able to connect with content creators who can do a great deal of branding for them in exchange for their products and creative support.

Even many small businesses and brands can shine on Tik Tok. One of the most important aspects of Tik Tok is that users are able to go “viral” - with just one video. If the video receives repeated engagements on the home screen, it can go viral within a matter of minutes or hours. Most businesses prepare for this type of stardom by adding their contact information on their page bios so consumers can easily make a purchase if directed their way.

Ultimately, Tik Tok has proven time and time again to be a great asset for brands who are trying to reach larger audiences. The app allows for a fun, personal engagement with your audience and a chance for you to showcase your amazing services and products. Tik Tok allows brands with smaller marketing budgets to create free content for thousands of viewers at a time. This type of content creation can be priceless if your video falls into the hands of a potential customer or interested collaborating brand.

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