In the world of branding and marketing you’ve most likely heard of a term referred to as a “call to action,” but what does that mean? A call to action works to generate a response and at its best, encourages customers and followers to engage in a sale. When creating a call to action, your main goal is to generate a desired outcome from your audience. It's all about creating VALUE!

Here are a few tips when creating a strong call to action:

  1. Certain words invoke reactions from customers. When creating attractive ad copy, consider using the words, “join” and “discover.” This creates a subtle call to action that is easily understood and can be followed.
  2. Create VALUE for the customers! Why should they book their next appointment with you? How do you stand out from competitors? It’s perfectly okay (and recommended!) to highlight these attributes within your call to action.
  3. Used a strong command. “Sign up for our mailing list!” including a link to sign up. Simple, but effective.
  4. Use creativity! Implement creative graphics and word choices. Thinking outside the box will entice customers.
  5. Communicate the offer, or service, and the impact it will have on consumers. This will lead to consumers taking the "action" to redeem their offer you've created.

Important note: Call-to-action strategies can differ from platform to platform. What works on your Facebook page may not work on Instagram. It is vital in the world of branding to take note of the audience you’re communicating with to provide them with the most intriguing call to action.

If you’re interested in developing a more effective call to action strategy, reach out to the IFC Team! We look forward to hearing from you.