My Name is Payton Kelly and I am an associate designer for IFC!

Although my job at IFC is a great outlet for creativity, I like to have other alternatives to stoke the creative fire. 

Printmaking is probably my biggest passion besides design. Printmaking is a giant, all-encompassing term for a lot of art forms. Some of them include screen printing, woodcut, and linocut. My personal favorite is woodcut, which is the process of taking a block of wood and cutting into the negative of the image. When you are finished cutting your image, you roll ink over the top of the woodblock, which holds the positive. You then place a piece of paper over the inked up block, and run it through a press. You are left with a beautiful, wood-grain filled image. I enjoy this process because it combines woodworking (another hobby of mine) and art. There is such a level of craftsmanship that goes into the work and I really like that aspect of it. 

Wild Wild West  | Payton Kelly | Woodcut

When I am not creating, I like to get outdoors. I recently moved to Colorado and moved about an hour from Rocky Mountain National Park. I plan on spending lots of time up there fly fishing, rock climbing, and hiking over the summer. I have found taking time away from creating is a vital part of being successful and sustaining it!