Giveaways are a great way to boost your social media engagement and give back to your customers. Also, if we’re being honest, who doesn’t jump at the thought of free stuff?

However, overlooking even the simplest detail, such as criteria to enter, can ruin your plan. Here are the RIGHT ways the execute a successful giveaway via social media:

Determine a goal for the giveaway

There should be a purpose behind why you’re giving away a product or service. Are you promoting the launch of a new product? The prize could be a discounted or free product! Always think about what the purpose is. Sometimes you also need to ask yourself “is a giveaway even necessary at this time?”

Come up with entry criteria

When deciding on entry criteria for your giveaway, think about the overall goal. If you want to increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter, encourage those who would like to participate to subscribe in order for their entry to count. 

Create a timeline

This will make the process so much easier for you. Deciding on a launch date and an end date are crucial, advertising those on social media is too so that people don’t miss out or think that their entry counts when they actually entered a day too late.

Follow the hosting platform rules

This is quite possibly one of the most, if not the most, important part of hosting a giveaway. For instance, if you don’t say EXACTLY what Instagram wants you to as a disclaimer, they could shut your giveaway down and potentially shut your entire account down. Look into each platform’s giveaway rules to be sure you don’t run into either issue!

Time to post!

Once all of the above have been completed, you are now ready to plaster it across social media, your email list, your blog, and any other platforms you use to communicate with customers. 

Giveaways are a great way to draw attention to your brand, increase engagement, and show your appreciation for customers. When you have the chance to conduct one, we suggest you go for it!

Maddie Szczerba is our IFC Collegiate Messaging Intern. She is currently majoring in Strategic Public Relations and minoring in Business Communication. When she’s not in the office you can find her sipping on an iced chai, scouring Hulu for another show to binge-watch, or venturing across Cedar Falls with friends