Social media gives businesses so many opportunities to expand upon their message and reach their customers. A great way to use social media, especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, is by sharing the gratitude you hold towards your customers!

One of the most simple yet effective ways to show appreciation is through a post series. 

People love keeping up with brands that they follow and are always engaged by a series of graphics or videos. 

For instance, you could film all of the members of your team sending a big thank you to your customer base and post it on your Instagram story or compile it into a video to post on your feed. Or, create a “customer appreciation week” and post content that pertains to showing your gratitude to those who support your business. You could also do something as simple as creating an eye-catching “Thank You” graphic to post. The possibilities are endless!

Another method of showing appreciation and recognition is by engaging with your customers’ posts and milestones. Let’s say one of your clients posted a celebratory 5 years in business post, share it on your story and congratulate them! Lifting up your customers will truly make them feel special and appreciated.

Showing appreciation via social media isn’t all that hard, when you think about it. Just think, “How would I like my favorite brand to show that they care about me?” And then do exactly that!

Maddie Szczerba is our IFC Collegiate Messaging Intern. She is currently majoring in Strategic Public Relations and minoring in Business Communication. When she’s not in the office you can find her sipping on an iced chai, scouring Hulu for another show to binge-watch, or venturing across Cedar Falls with friends