In a perfect world, all users use the same exact social media platforms equally and for the same information, despite varying demographics. Your content and what you're selling appeals to everyone and all of your brand's social media pages are a success. 

Realistically, that's not how social media works. Trust us on this one.

Not all social media platforms are made equally. Each has a purpose and is used by different demographics. Research conducted by Sprout Social tells us that users between the ages of 25-34 are most common on Instagram, while Facebook has seen a huge growth in the number of boomer users. 

You need to take into account these different demographics as each has differing interests. For example, millennials might be interested in the newest Apple Watch, while boomers might be more interested in a FitBit. This is where audience segmentation comes into play.

Audience segmentation is the process of identifying specific groups within your target audience in order to better understand their needs. When it comes to social media, you have to identify specific groups that appear on each one of your brand's social media platforms. These groups can be based on a wide variety of factors such as age, location, gender, you name it. 

Segmentation can drastically help specify and personalize your messaging for each group within your audience. Let's say you're a financial advisor specializing in retirement management. You'd probably find more success in promoting your services on Facebook rather than Tik Tok, as Facebook has more older users.

Look at your analytics and data for each social media platform and try to find consistent patterns or groups that pop out. This really helps you focus content towards specific audiences. 

Segmentation is a fantastic concept that can either make or break your social media marketing strategy.  

Maddie Szczerba is our IFC Collegiate Messaging Intern. She is currently majoring in Strategic Public Relations and minoring in Business Communication. When she's not in the office you can find her sipping on an iced chai, scouring Hulu for another show to binge-watch, or venturing across Cedar Falls with friends.