What is a landing page?

It's a single webpage that looks like your website, but speaks to a specific segment of your audience. For instance, say you're running a special on a new kind of women's sneakers. You might have a landing page specifically for that new offering.

Why should I have a landing page (or pages)?

There are a few reasons, actually!

  1. It completes your sales funnel. If you're running an ad for that new kind of women's sneaker and send everyone to your homepage - they're going to need to dig around to find what they want. Digging leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and as we all know from Star Wars, hate leads to people clicking off your website. A landing page can provide exactly the information a person needs based on the ad that attracted them.
  2. Addresses a specific kind of person. While your regular website is meant to attract all of your different avatars/personas - a landing page can speak to just one. People want to feel like they are being understood. What better way to show you understand than to speak right to them with no additional noise or clutter?
  3. Are pretty quick to spin up. A full website can take months to put together. A landing page can get up much quicker.
  4. Do a great job collecting email addresses. Your email list is one of your most valuable possessions as a business owner. You can use landing pages to give away something free in exchange for an email address. Then you can use an email series or social media to speak to those people over and over.

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