While you may feel more comfortable writing website copy than designing and developing your own website - that doesn't mean that you feel 100% comfortable with your messaging. This can be especially true when it comes to ads.

This week we're working with an ad from ARNKA Acres in Dike, IA. They run a more traditional CSA in the spring and summer, but as we turn the corner into fall and winter their business model changes slightly. Last year they ran this ad to let people know about their "SoloShares" program.

CSA Main Season is over...which means it’s time for SoloShares!

One week CSA

Open to everyone

The more you choose, the bigger your discount

Pay when you get it

Click here for more info and to sign up.


They identified the following issues:

  • Our current season requires customers to sign up months in advance so new customers/fans of our page think they can’t get these discounts even though we repeatedly say on Facebook it is for everyone.
  • We will have fresh produce until at least Thanksgiving, but most people assume local produce is only available in summer.
  • The ad (last year’s) did not even do as well as some of their non-ad photos of animals or family.

It can be really hard to switch gears - especially to something that is similar, but also slightly different. Additionally I saw the following obstacle they had to overcome:

  • “SoloShares” is an ARNKA term.
  • It is only explained via knowledge of what their main CSA is (which their audience probably knows - but you don’t want to isolate people who are new by using “insider terminology.”)

So not only are they putting out a new program - but the name is unique to ARNKA, it's similar but different to their CSA, and it's open to a new audience at a time when most people assume you can't even get fresh produce. It's a lot to think through!

When I worked on the new copy - I decided to go after that last part. The fact that their audience probably wants fresh produce longer into the season. I decided to look at the three problems that would surround that:

External: People want access to local fresh produce past summer.

Internal: They are sad when that season is over.

Philosophical: Shouldn’t there be a better way to support local and get fresh produce later into the season?

So considering those problems, here is the new copy:


Are you sad that we’re winding down on “fresh, local produce” season?

Well turn that frown upside down because we’ve got you covered!

Many CSAs and Farmer’s Markets end in the summer - leaving you without fresh local produce until the following Spring. But through our “SoloShares” program we can extend your year until at least THANKSGIVING.

“SoloShares” starts on October 20th:

  • It’s a one-week-at-a-time CSA
  • It’s open to EVERYONE (even if you weren’t signed up for our main season CSA!)
  • The more produce you purchase, the bigger your discount.
  • You don’t pay till you pick it up!

Sign up today by clicking the link below. Then start dreaming about the vegetables you'll be roasting, stewing, and sauteing all autumn long! 


We look forward to seeing you at pick up!

The new copy addresses how the customer feels right off the bat - and then immediately provides a resolution to the problem. There is a brief explanation of the program and a strong CTA. I would also recommend a photo accompany this ad text. Preferably a “happy” action shot of someone either farming or purchasing produce.

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