You read our last post about different ways to find your audience with Facebook ads. You’ve got a Lead Generating PDF/offer at the ready. You’re really going to start that sales funnel. Only…

How much should you spend?

For a lead generation campaign (the beginning of your sales funnel) the math is pretty simple.

Cost Per Lead x Number of Leads You Want to Generate = The Amount You Should Spend

If you’re not sure what your CPL (Cost Per Lead) is...estimating between $4 - $7 should be sufficient. 

ATTN: I’m about to throw a word problem at you so I apologize in advance for the math class flashback here. 🙂

Say you sell hair care products and your CPL is $4. You’re offering a coupon for 10% off any product in your store--and you want to use that to capture 200 leads with this campaign. Your budget would be:

$4 X 200 leads = $800

I know, I know. It sounds like a lot of money, right?

But! If just one in 12 of those leads end up buying $30 worth of stuff at your store you’ve already made your money back and you’ve got 200 qualified leads who might purchase from you in the future.

Please note--this is not the math you would use to launch a product. It’s not the math you would use to run an ad informing people about your shop. This is specific to having a lead generating PDF or coupon to gain new, qualified, leads.

If you need assistance developing a lead generating PDF, we’d be happy to help.

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