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Welcome to IFC Web.

Web design services

by IFC.

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IFC Studios specializes in building carefully crafted, media-centric websites for small to large businesses. We believe in using cutting-edge web design in conjunction with expertly produced photo, video, and messaging to tell the story of your business. We build websites that work on all devices, using SEO best practices, hosted on our dedicated servers for fast and secure delivery.

We build websites that look beautiful and function on all devices.

Our design principles.

midwest branding agency

When you choose IFC to design your website, you’re choosing a company that understands the elements of great web design. Learn more about our approach to designing fresh, clean, and modern websites for large and small businesses.

responsive web design


Your website needs to look and function on a mobile device just as well as it does on a desktop. We design our websites to be 100% mobile-friendly.

website design

Easy to Use.

What good is a website if you can’t get where you need to go? Ease of use and navigation are top priorities in our web design process.

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Content that Connects.

This is the good stuff, crafting your companies message to reach your ideal audience, ultimately turning them into paying customers.

website photography

Captivating Media.

Modern design calls for use of captivating imagery, video, and iconography to engage visitors. A website with poor use of media is just that… poor.

Set yourself apart.

Don’t let poor design stand between you and your customers.

Web development services

by IFC.

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With over 10 years of experience developing websites, IFC has seen it all. In our experience it’s best to tell you what we’re not. We’re not the company that makes promises we can’t keep. We’re not the company that leaves you with an out-of-date, clunky, unmanageable website. Time after time we are approached by clients who are tired of broken websites, poor service, and the frustrations from their previous developers. We’re not that company.

What we support.

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We’re experts in…

wordpress web design


WordPress is currently our most active platform, with over 100 websites operating under our management. There is nothing we can’t accomplish on the WordPress platform.

cms web design

CMS Platforms.

Our first website was developed on the Joomla platform and we currently support Drupal projects as well. We’re ready to take on any Joomla or Drupal project.

web design


Our extensive knowledge of HTML + CSS allows us to build 100% custom websites on the responsive BootStrap framework. If you need an HTML website, we’re ready for you.

web development


Our knowledge of Javascript, jQuery, and PHP will take your website to the next level through advanced functionality, plugins, extensions, and third party integrations.

Website hosting services

by IFC.

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When it comes to developing your website, hosting often becomes an afterthought. At IFC we place as much importance on hosting as any other aspect of your website. We offer full-service hosting packages that include storage space on our dedicated servers, security, SSL certificate management (https), automatic updates and maintenance of your CMS platform, email account management, dedicated support, and much more.

We manage your entire website from the end product all the way down to the server it’s built on.

Our hosting packages.

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When you choose IFC you’re choosing a company that will fully support you down to the server your website is hosted on. Learn more about our website hosting services.

secure hosting


Security is our top priority. Installation and management of an SSL certificate (https) is a requirement for all websites hosted with us.

website hosting cedar falls


We only use dedicated VPS servers. Don’t get caught with a slow website because you’re paying for a shared hosting service.

website hosting cedar falls


Slow websites cost your business money. At IFC we only use the fastest VPS servers to keep your website humming and your visitors happy.

website design


Our hosting services include automatic updates of your CMS platform so you stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest versions.

SEO services

by IFC.

midwest branding agency

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, means optimizing your website to improve your search rankings. If you own a coffee shop and want your website to rank well when someone searches Google for “coffee in your city” then SEO is exactly what you need. We are experienced in what it takes to improve your Google rankings and drive organic traffic to your site.

“I had heard of SEO and the power it can have to reach the audience you’re targeting, but didn’t have the first idea of how to get there. IFC Studios was the missing link we needed to capitalize on this marketing practice and the results speak for themselves!”


Benefits of SEO.

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Why should you invest in SEO?

organic seo rankings

Improve Organic Ranking.

If you’re not ranking high you’re losing customers. It’s that simple. SEO directly improves your organic search rankings.

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Increase Website Traffic.

The better your ranking the more users will click on your website. This means more traffic and more visitors learning about your business.

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Boost Conversion Rates.

More traffic means more opportunity to convert visitors. Take advantage of your increased traffic and drive more revenue to your business.

cedar falls seo

Bypass The Competition.

Where did your competitors go? Oh that’s right, they’re below you now.

SEO case study.

Town of Frederick, CO.

Download an SEO case study from IFC which dives into our SEO campaign with the Town of Frederick. In it you’ll see how we built a landing page to rank #1 for the search “small towns near denver”, accumulating thousands of visitors.

What we do.

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