You've been spending time and money on your advertising but you haven't been seeing the results you were hoping for. You're not sure what is going wrong and you're understandably frustrated. 


There could be many reasons for this - but one of the most common we would look for in your messaging is whether or not you're answering your "why."


Too often businesses focus exclusively on what they offer. Occasionally they explain how it is produced or distributed. But that's also what 99% of your competition is doing - so why should someone buy from YOU?


Do you save people time during their commute because you believe in the importance of family time? Maybe you raise funds because you believe no one should be turned away from a fully-functioning apartment.


Whatever your why is - focusing on it more in your messaging could help your ROI.


amy mertz in form creationsABOUT AMY
Amy Mertz is our Creative Director, StoryBrand Certified Guide, and copy writer. When not in the office you can find her chasing down her hilarious toddler, searching the land for great coffee and baked goods, or espousing the current books on her nightstand.