Please note that there are spoilers for the following: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the Marvel Universe (primarily Captain America and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Avatar the Last Airbender, and The Hunger Games. If you're already familiar with these franchises, and/or don't care much about spoilers, please continue!


Have you ever noticed how committed bad guys are to their branding? It's like they're saying, "We just want to be perfectly clear who is doing the evil around here, okay?" We should all be so devoted. Let's take a look.

The Evil Horde

In She-Ra, Princesses of Power, the bad guys are known as "The Evil Horde" or "The Horde" for short. They live in a place called "The Fright Zone." Yikes. But for a bunch of baddies, their branding is pretty great. And it's everywhere.

It's on their boats, their bots, their badges, their belts, their armor, their get the point. The Princesses are all very much individuals. The Horde is a single entity with individual moving parts.

Hydra (Marvel Universe)

For a secret organization, they have their mark on an awful lot of stuff. Do a Google search and you'll see passport cases, wall murals, tattoos, and more. And check out this guy--he's got it on his hat AND his lapel! know...shhhhh!

The Fire Nation

If you've ever watched Avatar the Last Airbender (the cartoon, I beg you, not the movie)--you'll know that the Fire Nation is the worst. They've wiped out the Air Nomads and much of the Water Tribe. Now they're coming for the Earth Kingdom. But they're the bad they are doing it in style.

Casual greeting of friends? Obviously in front of a Fire Nation wall hanging.


Got a boat? Make sure you incorporate the branding into the hull, the flags...and the flooring?

The Capital of Panem

Ah, President Snow. No one in my research has been quite as thorough with their branding efforts as that guy. The Capital logo is ev-ry-where.

Volunteering as Tribute?  Branding.

Chillin' in a random building? Branding.

Entering the Victors' Village? Branding.

About to meet with the boss? Check it out above the entryway! Branding!

Training for the Games? Branding. 

And show up in the Capital itself and...branding.

So as you can see, the bad guys get it! We remember who they are because they remind us at every turn. 

The question is, what does it say about IFC that we're so committed to branding as well? 🙂

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