Knock-knock jokes. Pratfalls. Wordplay.

All hilarious. All memorable.

If we asked you to list three funny commercials right now we’re pretty sure you could do it. (But you don't have to, because we’re going to do it for you.)

  1. Geico
  2. “Jake” from State Farm
  3. Progressive Insurance’s “Mayhem”

Why use humor in your marketing? People like to be happy. They like to laugh. And better yet - they remember when something is funny and they tell other people


So go ahead. Laugh a little. And start reaping the benefits.


[Just as a quick side note: humor does not always come across the way it’s intended - especially in writing. Be doubly sure that your jokes aren’t going to fall flat or offend before launching your campaign.]


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Amy Mertz is our Creative Director, StoryBrand Certified Guide, and copy writer. When not in the office you can find her chasing down her hilarious toddler, searching the land for great coffee and baked goods, or espousing the current books on her nightstand.